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What is CPD?

In order to function as an effective Staffing Practitioner the appropriate knowledge and skills is required to enhance your career and grow your business. In business, education and your professional practice, change is inevitable and continues to expand at a rapid rate. Practitioners will always be faced with increased knowledge and skills expectations in today’s business world. Continued development of professional competence and lifelong learning are critical if practitioners are to meet these expectations.

CPD refers to the various learning opportunities - formal and informal - that ensure that a professional is able to maintain the currency of their knowledge and deliver service that is not only compliant but also of exceptional quality.

A true professional understands the importance of keeping their knowledge current, especially in a dynamic industry like staffing where things change constantly!

A total of 30 CPD points needs to be accumulated over a one year period in order to maintain one’s designation.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Cycle

Due to the dynamic nature of the staffing sector the APSO CPD cycle is twelve (12) months.

The CPD period commences on the date of joining APSO and the individual is required to submit a CPD Report on the anniversary of their membership, i.e. 12 months later, proving compliance, before their designation can be renewed.

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