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SAIPA is excited to be APSO's premier business partner in developing future-ready accredited professionals who ethically create client value.

Individual Staffing Practitioner (ISP)

Individual Staffing Professional (ISPr)

Individual Staffing Masters (ISM)

R450, excluding VAT

R550, excluding VAT

R2500, excluding VAT

 The Designation Renewal works much in the same way as PrEA Company Renewal in that your designation status lapses annually and will require payment of a fee each year in order renew your Designation Status, and receive a new Designation Certificate.

As an Individual Staffing Designate, its title and its benefits belong to you regardless of whether you are employed by a company that has APSO membership or not. At the renewal stage, an invoice will be billed to you personally.

If your company is responsible for your annual renewal fee payments, we are able transfer the invoices to your company, however, this will require a written confirmation of their permission for us to do so.

In order to remain Compliant and in Good Standing, your 30 CPD points will need to be lodged onto your Profile at the Renewal Stage.

Once the renewal fee has been paid, you will receive a new Designation Certificate and Renewal Date.

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