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Individual Staffing Master

To understand the requirements that need to be met in order to apply for this entry level designation, see the table below:

Awarding Criteria
Designation: Individual Staffing Professional 
Workplace Experience
Academic Qualification
Ind. Knowledge Assessment
Individual Staffing Practitioner (ISP)
Min 6 months
Matric or NQF4 Equivalent
Entrance Exam
Individual Staffing Professional (ISPr)
Min 3 years
Min 5 years
NQF5 Industry Relevant
Matric or NQF4 Equivalent
Board Exam
Individual Staffing Master (ISM)
Min 10 Years
NQF6 Industry Relevant
Research Report & Panel Interview
Who should apply for this designation?

This is the top level designation but is open to anyone who meets the criteria outlined below. This should be the aspirational designation for everyone working in the staffing industry and will only be available to people who have already shown their commitment to a career in the sector.

What qualification do I need to have?

You must at least have at least a recognised NQF6 qualification. This is non-negotiable.

How much experience do I need to have?

For the purposes of the designation, the only experience that will be considered is that gained within the staffing industry or, in the case of an internal HR person, time spent handling recruitment as a core function. 

For ISM, you must have at least ten (10) years staffing industry experience.

What assessment will I need to complete?

As a thought leader, you will be expected to show your insight into the industry by preparing a Research Report and completing the Panel Interview. 

You will need to submit your research topic for approval and once given the go-ahead can work on your report. The report should be no less than 10 000 words and will be submitted for consideration by the panel ahead of your scheduled interview. Interviews take place twice a year and you will be allocated a time slot in line with your research submission time frames. 

The panel will be made up of academics and independent staffing industry experts. 

After successful completion of the panel interview and awarding of the designation, your research report will be added to the archive of industry white papers and made available to the other members of the professional body.

Once I've got the designation, what can I call myself?

You will be entitled to use the designation Individual Staffing Master, or "ISM". This can be displayed on your email signature, business cards and on your social media profiles.

What do I need to do in order to maintain my designation?

You will have to ensure that you keep up your fees, maintain your good standing by working in strict accordance with the APSO Code of Ethics and Codes of Best Practice and meet the minimum Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirement of thirty (30) CPD points in the twelve month registration period.

How much does it cost?

The initial fee includes the assessment process and is currently R3000 ex VAT. Once you've been approved, your first year's registration fees will become payable at R1000 ex VAT. This same fee will be applicable annually on renewal. Fees are payable in advance.

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