SAIPA is aspirational, approachable, relatable and proud.
SAIPA is excited to be APSO's premier business partner in developing future-ready accredited professionals who ethically create client value.

An applicant will apply online for their professional designation and an invoice is generated immediately with regards to the level of designation applied for. 

The applicant is required to pay the full invoice within 7 days of receipt thereof, no payment terms will be granted.  If the invoice has not been paid a reminder is sent incorporating the original invoice so the applicant has 14 days from date of invoice within which to pay. 

If payment is not made within the 14 day period the invoice is credited, the application will remain active for 30 days and will then be deleted.  Payment must be made by the delegate before the application is sent to the Professional Registrations Committee for approval either by EFT or credit card.  APSO reserves the right to not go ahead with the assessment process if a payment has not been made.

Individual Staffing Practitioner (ISP)

Individual Staffing Professional (ISPr)

Individual Staffing Masters (ISM)

R600, excluding VAT

R850, excluding VAT

R3000, excluding VAT

The costs for the designations includes the Assessment Fee and First Year’s Subscription.

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