SAIPA is aspirational, approachable, relatable and proud.
SAIPA is excited to be APSO's premier business partner in developing future-ready accredited professionals who ethically create client value.
Benefits of becoming a professional

By earning your Professional Designation you gain the privilege of receiving your certification for your portfolio, together with your specific qualification being proudly displayed on your business cards.

The industry has been under the microscope for many years and professionalisation is just one way to raise standards and help customers appreciate the skill, experience and insight it takes to do a great job!

There are multiple benefits of professionalisation for all involved in staffing, including:

  • Establishing minimum requirements/barriers to entry;
  • Raising profile of the industry to professional level;
  • Setting standards to ensure protection for clients and candidates;
  • Creating career pathways to encourage sustainability and longevity of individual practitioners;
  • Providing stakeholders with platform to differentiate service providers
Recruitment Businesses (Employers)
  • Implement standards for excellence;
  • Differentiate from competitor companies;
  • Ensure compliant/professional service delivery to clients;
  • Ascertain skills, knowledge and ability of potential employees;
  • Manage career development of individual to ensure improved performance and billing potential
  • Development of career pathway;
  • Differentiate from competitors;
  • Sense of pride & belonging;
  • Development of skills, knowledge and ability to improve career prospects & earning potential;
  • Improve status in the eyes of all stakeholders
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