SAIPA is aspirational, approachable, relatable and proud.
SAIPA is excited to be APSO's premier business partner in developing future-ready accredited professionals who ethically create client value.
APSO - More Than You Think!

There is so much more to APSO than many people think!

APSO is actively involved in various initiatives and are striving towards the formalisation and professionalisation of the South African staffing industry.

Why should you remain or become an APSO member?

Some of the key benefits of joining APSO:

  • Advocacy and Lobbying on your behalf with all industry bodies– APSO is represented on the World Employment Body, WEC, and therefore provides members with access to international trends, information and global best practice standards
  • Access to free telephonic support at APSO HQ.
  • Access to our Verified Service Provider Programme that provides you with a range of products and services (geared towards staffing businesses, especially SME) at preferential rates. These include, IR services, software, BBEEE, legal, accounting, job boards, social media, digital marketing, verification, benchmarking, HR software etc.
  • Access to E- Learning (quality, affordable learning programmes aimed at staffing businesses and busy recruiters)
  • Access to staffing industry specific training and development at reduced preferential rates
  • Assistance with ethics, compliance or fee disputes via our ethics and fee dispute arbitration processes
  • Regular updates and communication about aspects that affect your ability to operate a profitable, compliant and successful staffing business
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to member-only resources such as toolkits, guidelines, products and services

Please find a range of resources below that will assist you to learn more about APSO or insist on working with an APSO member.

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