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APSO has always had a Newsletter it sends out to Active Company Members on a biweekly basis and while it has had many iterations over the years, its goal was always the same: to inform our members on anything noteworthy happening within the Recruitment Industry and APSO itself.

The idea of a separate newsletter for the Professional Body initially came about after we found that APSO Company Newsletter could not meet the needs of our Individual Members in the following ways:

  1. It catered to Business Owners and Agencies, making much of its content irrelevant to the majority of our Individual Members who are Recruiters; and while we do want to provide information for greater career growth, we do not want to inundate our Individual Members with content that they cannot incorporate into their daily professional services.
  2. The Company Newsletter would only be sent to Companies or Agencies, any Individual Member not employed by an Active Company Member would not receive them and those that were needed to a rely on the APSO contact within the Company to forward the Newsletter. This lead then led to the next two (2) problems.
  3. Individual Members could not gain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for reading the APSO Company Newsletter.
  4. Individuals Members lost direct access to and information for the APSO Training Event Schedule, making a training plan for CPD Compliancy problematic.

Historically, APSO has had Professional Body (PB) Newsletters but due to system limitations, industry, and societal disruptions over the past few years it became necessary to reintegrate it back in the APSO Company Newsletter. However, this has caused the reemergence of the problems listed above, much to the chagrin of our Individual Members.

APSO’s goal when it comes CPD Compliancy is to make accumulating points as efficient as possible and while the decision to reintegrate the PB Newsletter did not sit well with us either, we had always planned to bring it back once the Recruitment Industry had calmed. Therefore, APSO is very proud to celebrate the very first edition of the PB Newsletter for 2023!

For our newer Individual Members and for the Members that need a bit of a refresher, this how the PB Newsletter works.

The PB Newsletters will be similar to the Company Newsletter, but the articles will be focused on noteworthy content that affects the recruiter’s desk. It will be available and sent out to all Active Individual Members who have not opted out APSO correspondence.

Individual Members will receive 1 CPD point for reading the APSO PB Newsletter, members may provide a screenshot of the newsletter or the newsletter’s link as verifiable proof for the CPD point.

It will have a Featured Article section, which will contain either an article from the APSO regarding any updates for the Professional Body or its Individual Members, an article by one our Individual Members or an article from one of our Endorsed Trainers or Expert Consultants. The featured article will be published on both the APSO Website and in the Newsletter; and provides a valuable opportunity for Individual Members to showcase their Industry Knowledge and receive the recognition they deserve.

Individual Members will receive 5 CPD points for submitting an article, regardless of whether the article is published in the Newsletter. Therefore, reading and contributing to the APSO PB article may award members with a minimum total of 6 CPD points.

Article submissions can be sent to Lizanne Gounden at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or loaded onto your APSO Individual Profile under the My CPD tab and adhere to the following criteria:

  • Article Content must be Industry Related and Current.
  • Word Count must be 500 to 1000 words, single spaced (one to two pages).
  • Font must be either Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.
  • Font size must either 11 for Arial/Calibri or 12 for Times New Roman.
  • If your featured article has a blurb, it must be a maximum of 2 sentences: no longer than 20 words.
  • Your article must have a Heading.
  • You may add Profile picture of Author. Ideal dimensions size: 400 x 400.
  • While research into your article’s topic is encouraged, please be wary of and avoid every effort to plagiarise or spread misinformation.

APSO has high hopes for its newest PB Newsletter and hopes our Individual Members find it a useful source to gain and share knowledge as well as great steppingstone to acquire or fine tune skills while accumulating your CPD points.

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