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While employees desire a fair pay package, there are other things they desire from their workplaces.

Glassdoor’s employer branding survey examined what employees and potential job seekers want from their jobs.

The survey is based in the Unites States, but reflects growing and shifting trends in workplaces around the world – particularly in the age of remote work and digital nomadism.

The company said that the survey could show employees how they can improve their situation at work or signal that they should stay put as they work in an ideal environment.

Glassdoor noted that almost 70% of surveyees wanted to work for a company whose brand they are proud to support. At the same time, over 70% of respondents believed that it was important for management to play an active role in promoting the values and culture of the company.

Employees that are proud to work at their company likely have managers who cultivate a positive company culture.

Glassdoor said that if an employee is not proud of the work that they are doing and believes that no one in management can fix the situation, it might be better to resign.

Fair pay was also a serious concern for employees. Over 81% of employees surveyed said it was important for a company to pay its employees fairly and equitably, but only 66% believed that their employers were doing so.

If an employee is not being paid fairly, Glassdoor says that the employee should ask for a raise.

Additionally, 75% of employees also said it was important to receive great benefits which would improve their wellness. However, only 65% of employees said that they were satisfied with what they received.

Companies have been increasing the benefits that they offer employees over the years to ensure that the best employees are brought in.

Even if an employee is happy with their benefits, Glassdoor recommends they look at how competitive other organisations’ benefit offerings are.

Employees also want to see that their employers are committed to improving diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI). There must also be specific and measurable goals in place to strengthen DEI instead of vague statements made on the company’s website.

41% of surveyed participants were displeased with the sharing and progress made by their management regarding reaching DEI goals.

Moreover, the employer branding survey showed that a third of workers wanted improved transparency from their employers. This could relate to honest feedback, straightforward communication and pay transparency.

Employees also wanted measurable ways in which employers responded to feedback.

When looking at a job opportunity, Glassdoor recommends asking an employer how they respond to employee feedback.

2023 expectations 

Despite Glassdoor showing what employees want, the economic climate for 2023 will likely mean that companies will not be able to meet certain employee demands.

Universum CEO Mats Röjdmark said that employers in 2022 inflated their promises to new hires as demand exceeded supply. However, a global recession is predicted for 2023, which puts further strain on resources.

Employees will thus likely not be able to ask too much from their employees.

Moreover, Glassdoor’s recommendations to look at other opportunities may not be simple, as hiring declines are expected throughout 2023.

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