SALLR Seminar Event Details

The requirement that professionals keep up-to-date with the knowledge and skills necessary to execute their functions is the cornerstone of all recognised professions. Simply put, an out-of-date practitioner is not a competent practitioner. This commitment to career-long learning is termed ‘Continuous Professional Development’ (CPD) and the SALLR proudly drives this process.

In respect of the hottest topics in labour law, employee relations, human resources and remuneration, the SALLR team on an annual basis ensures:
  • that you are provided with insightful questions and practical, customised solutions
  • the correct identification of trends
  • a comprehensive legislative update
  • cross-referencing to publications, judgments, awards, rulings, etc
  • the categorisation of the content in a user-friendly manner
But, more importantly, the following are just some of the benefits that you will receive in return for your investment in an annual SALLR seminar:
  • you are able to attend the seminar country-wide, face-to-face as well as by live broadcasting
  • the SALLR esteemed panel of experts will provide answers to burning issues raised, during various live streaming sessions
  • you can select in which format you want to receive your seminar workbook – hardcopy, PDF or e-book
  • each delegate receives an IPM, SABPP or APSO certificate reflecting eight CPD points, when attending this accredited learning event
  • the content of the current seminar workbook is merged with all previous seminar workbooks to form a fully searchable electronic product
  • in the period in between seminars, delegates are kept up-to-date by receiving free subscription to the SALLR website, which consists of our published
    judgments and arbitration awards
  • when you encounter queries with the material dealt with during the seminar, the SALLR team of learner assistants are there to assist you
>>>Click Here for more details on the South African Labour Reports 38th Annual Seminar 2022<<<

Contact person: Nina van Zyl
041 373 4322
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