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Tip 7 of my weekly series of “60 tips from a 60-year-old”, when considering resigning and starting a new job: uncover the culture of the organisation you wish to apply to or accept a job offer.
Company culture varies among employers, and you need to have a good sense of what you want in a working environment before you accept a job offer. Culture reveals more about employee morale and company values. Businesses with a healthy, productive culture are more successful because employees have guidance, a shared mindset and can work better towards a common goal.
Finding the right professional culture fit is critically important for your growth and development and will determine how long you will stay. If you move into the wrong organisation and job, it might be for short time gain but long-term pain. 
You can anonymously find out more about an organisation's culture:
Confidentially speak to some of the current employees
Use social media and other organisational networks 
Search for the company’s vision and mission statements
You do not want to move into an environment that is not conducive to development and learning. If you do so, you will be desperately unhappy and potentially in a worse situation than you currently are. The biggest mistake most job searching employees make is not implementing a proper investigation of an organisation before they apply for or accept a job, similar to how an employment agency conducts reference checks on prospective employees. 
By joining a company that does not fit your cultural needs, you risk being unhappy, which can impact your motivation, productivity, and overall quality of your work. However, if you do your research upfront and ask the right questions during your interview, you can find the company and culture that is right for you and position yourself for long-term success.
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